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Dreamcatchers have been made by several different tribes of Native Americans, the Ojibwe, being one of them.
According to Francis Densmore, a researcher, In Densmore's 1979 book "Chippewa Customs",
she addressed the subject of dream catchers by saying that they represented spider webs.
Everything that was potentially harmful was snared in the web,
protecting the energies of those sleeping there, especially young children.

Early dreamcatchers were discovered hanging in the holders of babies.
It is said that they were to capture dreams coming through and only allow the good ones in and keep the bad
dreams tangled up in the weavings. The morning light was then supposed to dissipate the negative dreams.

I make each dreamcatcher personally and specifically setting the best of intentions into it. My own native american heritage is
that of the Cherokee, according to my geneological research. I use natural willow or red twing dogwood
rings and spirals which I have been a part of gathering and forming. I also use only natural colored
feathers, and stones.





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