Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher


Crescent Moon dreamcatcher


Crescent Moon Dream catcher

The crescent moon emerges from the glare of the sun like the wry smile of a Cheshire cat beaming through the tawny-orange sunset. Set against the cobalt-blue of early evening, the moon reveals its lovely da Vinci glow, a pale impression of the full Moon inside the vivid crescent. Five hundred years ago, Leonardo da Vinci was first to explain this phenomenon: it is Earthshine, the light of our own planet Earth illuminating the Moon's dark terrain. If you are drawn to this dream catcher, then perhaps you are ready for your own inner light to show you your dark side so you can expand your light into the dark and brighten your whole life and your future. Hang this over your bed and ask that all will be revealed to you so your new dreams and goals will come from the highest part of you creating a new path, with love







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